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Hello there, and welcome to our server's page !

OZC is a semi-milsim Zeus community on ArmA III. We're quite recent into the zeus community game as we started June 2021, but we've already done 3 successful campaigns so far. What do I mean by Successful ? I mean that it was well received by the players and overall, went well.

We started on the Public "Official" Zeus servers, hence the name of the community. As of right now, we are playing on a private server, and the current campaign is a modded one called Red Dawn, where you'll play as a communist insurgency, ex-cell of the Chedaki in Chernarus. You can imagine the current campaign as a mix between Antistasi and Liberation, with a nice touch of roleplay to ground the storyline into some form of reality and give immersion to it all, and of course, all of it being managed live by an almighty Zeus.

How to join us ?

You may have asked yourself "But, kind Colonel Waffles, I would LOVE to join your ArmA III community and have fun with you all, but I fail to see your server IP even though you marked it as a free access server ! How can I join you ?"

Well, my friend, the server IP adress is not shown because we do not use the server all the time, we're currently sharing it and using it whenever we have our campaign sessions. To join us, join the Discord that you may see here, and we'll be more than happy to welcome you !

If you wish for a first-taste of what we do, here's our current campaign, Red Dawn, put online by one of ours !


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