Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on the device that is used to view it, and that stores information for later connection.

Cookie management
So that you can choose which cookies you want to store on your browser while browsing our website, we provide you with a tool allowing you to validate/refuse cookies:

Why do we need to use cookies?
Without cookies, you would be treated as a new visitor each time you visit a web page by the server on which that page is located. This would of course be very annoying for you, but it would also render our sites completely unusable. A cookie behaves like a key: this allows us to offer you a faster experience, to remember the settings you have made in your profile and not to display the same messages on repeat.

Strictly necessary cookies
These are cookies that are necessary for the operation of the platform and our business. They allow you to sign in and stay signed in to the site, and also allow us to anonymously measure site traffic and ensure its security. Without this technology, our services will not be able to function properly and / or we will not be able to offer you certain features.

laravel_session This is a session cookie, that is to say a cookie that records short-term information, such as the fact that a user has logged in, so as not to ask for their login information at each change of page.
XSRF-TOKEN This is a security cookie, it allows us to verify that the user is not a robot so as not to overload the website.
remember_"some hexadecimal digits" The "remember me" cookie allows users to stay logged in to the site, so that it is not necessary to enter their credentials on each visit.

In addition, we use third-party cookies from:

Functionality cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our services.
"some hexadecimal digits"_lv This cookie determines when was the last time you voted for a server on a game. It is only used visually, it does not impact the wait before the next vote.

Advertising cookies

Our advertising partners use cookies in order to be able to serve you relevant advertisements.
The configuration of these cookies is possible via the cookie validation window that is displayed to you during your first visit to the platform. To see this window again, you can clear the browser cache or clean the cookies.

Analytical cookies

These are cookies that are used to store information about how you use our services and visit our platform (for example, time spent on the site, pages visited, links clicked, where you are from, etc. )