Add a new game: The Front, the post-apocalyptic shooting game

Avatar Metrakit - 10/15/2023 at 14h58

Discover The Front: a post-apocalyptic world to conquer on Top-Games!

Immerse yourself in the apocalypse with The Front, a survival and crafting open-world shooter where mutants and hostile factions dictate the law. In this war-torn landscape, humanity awaits its hero. Gather your comrades, explore the ruins, and stand firm against the most formidable enemies!

Game Overview

Creativity takes the lead: Sandbox-style constructions

In The Front, your imagination is your best ally. Erect fortified bases using hundreds of diverse building components to protect your resources and withstand this ruthless world.

Defense and Strategy: tower defense traps

Weave cunning strategies by guiding hordes of creatures through brutal traps designed to annihilate everything in their path. No beast, no matter how formidable, can breach your defense lines.

Cutting-edge Technology: craft modern vehicles

Explore over 20 functional vehicles, from vans to attack helicopters. The future even promises customizable vehicles, allowing players to design true moving steel titans.

Tactical ingenuity: logical door circuits

Utilize sophisticated surveillance devices, from infrared sensors to pressure plates, as well as logical door circuits to establish automated defense systems that will guard your bases.

Conquest and defense: raiding enemy camps and bases

Equip yourself with a complete arsenal, from melee weapons to explosives, and launch assaults on enemy bases or fiercely defend your territory.

Allied Followers: recruit companions

Tame NPCs encountered in the world using disruptors. These allies will not only support you in combat but will also lend their expertise, accelerating resource production.

Cultivate and cook: Planting and cooking

Grow your resources with a comprehensive farming system and whip up delicious feasts by choosing from a multitude of recipes.

Perilous exploration: Travel through a post-apocalyptic world

Cross scorching deserts, impenetrable forests, icy snowy lands, and much more. Explore hazardous areas like underground research institutes and restricted military bases. Loot buildings, retrieve blueprints, and claim airdrops to solidify your dominance.

Integrate your The Front server on Top-Games!

Want to customize your gaming experience? With The Front, you have the opportunity to create your own server. Form your community, establish your rules, and engage in epic battles in an environment you have entirely shaped.

Furthermore, once your server is ready, you can add it to Top-Games to introduce it to a vast community of players eager for new adventures.

Embark on this post-apocalyptic adventure, build your empire, and defend your territory in The Front. Join us on Top-Games for a unique and ruthless gaming experience via our new list of The Front servers.

Dive into Action Now!

The Front is currently available in early access on Steam for €15.60. Buy it here. Also, join the community on the game's Discord server by following this link: Discord The Front.