New game Palworld added! The Pokemon-like

Avatar Metrakit - 01/24/2024 at 13h11


The game Palworld, the Pokémon with weapons, has just been released. It is a new game that seems inspired by some major franchises (including Pokémon, Zelda, Valheim, ...). Knowing that it is possible to create Palworld private servers, we have added it to our platform: https://top-games.net/palworld.

Palworld is an open-world survival game where you can collect creatures. You can have your Pals (game creatures) fight, work in the fields or in the factory, or breed them.

There are currently many discussions on social media and online media because the game has some similarities with the Pokémon franchise.

The game created by Takuro Mizobe (CEO of Pocket Pair) is currently available in Early Access on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1623730/Palworld/) for the price of €28.99. It has received numerous positive reviews on the Steam platform.

Here is a trailer to discover the game Palworld on Youtube:

If you want to join a Palworld server or add yours, you can now visit our ranking of the best Palworld servers.