Top-Games have 10 years old! #Giveaways

Avatar Metrakit - 05/15/2022 at 22h25

It's our anniversary! Upcoming giveaways ⬇️

That's it, 10 years! It was in May 2012 (we don't remember the exact date but it was during the month of May) that we launched Top-Games!

For the record, Top-Games was called "Minetop" until 2016, we only referenced Minecraft servers in France from 2012 to 2016. It was from 2016 that we began to classify different games (such as Fivem , Rust, Scum, DayZ, ...) in France.

Since 2021, we have launched Top-Games worldwide!

Lots of updates have taken place on the platform, lots of feature additions and a big design upgrade. We also went through a redesign of the logo and the use of a mascot to illustrate the platform. Find out more here: https://top-games.net/branding

10 years isn't nothing! This proves that our efforts are paying off and that we are really useful for you players and server administrators. You have trusted us for 10 years, that's huge! We are ready for the next 10 years (even +) to always offer you more help and features.

➡️ In order to thank you, and to celebrate these 10 years, we are going to organize several great contests (giveaways) on Twitter. To be kept informed of upcoming contests, follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopGames_EN For the occasion, we have improved our Twitter profile. We are going to offer you some nice prizes, so don't hesitate to follow us.