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Here at  Among the Undead we strive for a fun non-toxic community. We are a Pve/Pvp/Rp server. KoS is allowed, but we are also seeking organic RP situations. RP is not forced in any way, but encouraged. We want stories and memories that we can all share as a community. We have scheduled Base Raid Weekends. No Safe-Zones or Traders. Dayz was created with the idea of survival in mind and that is exactly what we provide you with is a world of making choices towards a successful survival. There should be times you fear your life and there should be other times where you need to make speedy decisions or simple small decisions that could mean your survival. Everything you do should come with a reward or consequence. We have added a few more guns and base building options. We look forward to and hope you enjoy the server making Among the Undead your new Dayz home. Hope to see you out there. Safe travels Survivors.

~  PC

~ Chernarus

~ 50 slots (will increase when population demands)

~ VanillaPlusPlusMap

~ 1PP

~ PVE/PVP/RP is not forced but encouraged

~ Factions

~ Minimal Rules

~ Added 12 Weapons including their attachments & ammo

~ No buried storages or items

~ Base Raiding every-other weekend

~ MMG Base Storage

~ BaseBuildingPlus

~ BuildAnywhere_v3

~ Base Fortifications

~ BaseRaidToolsV2

~ No-Vehicle-Damage

~ Ear-Plugs

~ SNAFU Weapons

~ Adjusted Stamina amounts 

~ No Trader/Safe Zones

~ Vanilla Cars

~ Traction Control Mod

- Global Chat Mod (SchanaModGlobal Chat)

- Flying Birds Mod

~ 4 hour days/30 min nights


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