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*Chernobyl Disaster* - Low Ping! PVP/PVE [US] *New Players - 100k/Starter Kit, 50 dog tags*

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Join us at Chernobyl a new PVP/PVE Server, Located in the US! (US East)

- All new players receive $100k & a Starter kit!
- Starter base kit (as requested)
- 50 Regular dog tags.
- Max loot! Low Ping!
- Occasional events hosted by Admins for prizes!
- Holiday Rewards!
- Server restart every 6 hours.
- Active and Friendly staff!
- Brand new Discord dedicated to the server!
- A small, yet stern set of rules displayed each time you join
- Custom built arena (coming soon)
- Streamer friendly (server was made for streaming)

We really hope you see something that grabs your attention! Again, this is a brand new server. We are looking to populate it and have an active community in order to keep it going. The soul purpose of this server was to bring players with the same thrill to kill into one place and drive one another insane! Server is managed and ran by 2 streamers so we look to do many events! Please join our Discord below and claim your land in Chernobyl !!! (All new members joining the discord will receive the community role, our loyal and active members will rank up to VIP and be given other responsibilities)


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"Server staff is amazing, responsive, available as much as humanly possible and ready to help. The server is active with events and a good player base."