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Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sacredalienrealm

In the vast reaches of space, a new realm awaits for you.  

Brace yourself for an interstellar journey like no other, where danger lurks at every turn and treasures beyond imagination beckon. 

R rated server with Adult Atmosphere. 

Beware! This server is mainly PvE BUT, PvP is still available inside PvP zones(Pink bubbles including abandoned bases and certain arenas) during your time on the server, whether you're PvEing or PvPing, the items in your backpack will always remain safe.

PVP Zones: Abandoned Bases and Arenas

Space Station 


Armored Train

Dangerous Treasure

Zombie Hordes and Night Zombies 

5 levels of Raidable Bases

Heli Signals + custom UFO

Custom modules 

Water Bases

Challenging Monument NPCs and Boss NPC at Launch 

Better Loot and Fancy Drop 


All types of personal transport

Shop Available


New and growing community to connect and Roleplay with

Police officers and dorky friendly admins on site 


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Server staff

« This is a great server for players just starting out. Im new and everyone has been really helpful. Staff is quick to fix any issues and are around all the time. Really fun events and nice community! »
Server staff

« This server is an awesome choice to be able to practice your base building and gather resources. The community is amazing. The admins are super helpful in and out of the game. »